Inside a rosehip

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Charles Krebs
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Inside a rosehip

Post by Charles Krebs »

I've long wanted a 2X for my MM-11 setup since 4X/5X was often too tight for a good "overall". Came across a good price on a USMC 2X, so I bought it. One of my first subjects was this rosehip. This was the first time I ever opened one and had a peek inside. Interesting.


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Re: Inside a rosehip

Post by grgh »

Lovely images, I cannot find any critters in there either?
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Re: Inside a rosehip

Post by Sumguy01 »

=D> Very nice.
Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Inside a rosehip

Post by micro_pix »

Excellent! Where I grew up the kids used to open these up and use the hairy seeds as an alternative to the “itching powder” that was sold at the local joke shop. I think the hairs are an irritant and if you don’t de-seed them before eating they can have an unpleasant effect, I believe that they are called “butt scratchers” in France.

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Re: Inside a rosehip

Post by ldflan »

The hairs themselves are quite interesting, and seemingly have either a central channel or (as I think) they are folded around to form a kind of spiked tube, sort of like a blade of grass.

The five-sided folicular organ at the base of the hairs and the structure of the hairs where they emerge from the folicle is also fascinating (pics in link below.)

If you section the hip tissue, you will find the innermost tissue layer growing hairs and supporting achene development is heavily laden with calcium oxalate crystals. Meanwhile, if you can get the achene sectioned, you will find CaOx of completely different morphology proliferating in the endosperm.

Hip hairs and follicles images:

Hip and achene sections:

I'd like to know what the hairs are made of. A friend who has studied them a long time says they are a silicate material, but he can't find the reference. I suspect it's more like gypsum. Anybody know?


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Re: Inside a rosehip

Post by LouiseScot »

Lovely images! I like how the hairs in the 10x image are almost transparent, or appear to be.

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Re: Inside a rosehip

Post by Saul »

Beautiful picture !
Is USMC2x better than Mitutoyo 2x ?

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