Leaf casts - Images

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Leaf casts - Images

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...and now the pictures...sorry

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Re: Leaf casts - Images

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Really beautiful!

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Re: Leaf casts - Images

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Love the Rheinberg.

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Re: Leaf casts - Images

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These are probably the cleanest leaf casts that I have ever seen. Very nicely done!

In your other thread you wrote
enclosed some images showing leaf casts of wine, made with clear naillacquer of my wife.

Zeiss Standard 16, Zeiss PlanApo 10x and Canon EOS750

Rheinberg illumination and oblique lighting.
Can you give some more detail about your process for making the casts?


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Re: Leaf casts - Images

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Beautifully done!


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Re: Leaf casts - Images

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Olympusman wrote:
Fri Nov 27, 2020 1:51 pm
Love the Rheinberg.
My preference is otherrwise. The Rheinberg adds disturbing colous, but no additional information. What makes the first image even more special, since it shows 3D surface features without being transparent.

Metoo is very interested in how you made these. I'd have good use for it.
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