Stained wood cuts

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grgh wrote:Why can we never find slides like these for sale?
Wood thin sections show at ebay pretty often or at least they used to do some time ago, I bought few ones years ago

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Hi Boron,
the mountant is Euparal and the stain is Etzold FCA:

Best regards

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I have no experience with Eupral. The advantage of Leica mountant is that it is compatible with IPA so no Xylene is required. I will need to get more experience so the results are better.

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grgh wrote:Why can we never find slides like these for sale?

first class work.
Pass that on to your supplier as well. Beautiful.
Yes, they are nice. Ernie Ives produced many slides such as this, with most having sections in 3 planes.

If you want some George, contact me.
regards, Mike.

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