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Nothing really "new" in my last sample... but lots of daphnia and copepods.

These were live specimens, and the third shot is looking through the side as the legs are rapidly moving (same specimen as the second image). Electronic flash stopped the motion of the appendages on the legs "fanning out" and I liked the pattern it made.

When I collect some water I usually keep the samples in flat "dishes" measuring about 6x6 inches, and the water depthg of about 1.5 inches. When I initially put the sample in the dish the daphnia are fully immersed and swimming around. After a few hours, or the next morning, there are always a certain number that are quite alive and active but are floating on the surface as if the water surface tension is preventing them from submersing. Anyone know what causes that?




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There will be a lot of bacteria at the surface after your sample settles down a bit. Daphnia will enjoy the meal.

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Beautiful pictures, especially the first (this is Simocephalus vetulus)

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Superb. Always admired your Vivitar 283 mod.
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Beautiful details.


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May be the problem of the floating water fleas is airbubbles between the carapace scales. I always fill my samplepot complete with water to avoid this problem because during the transporting, the sample is very turbulent.

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I love beautiful pictures
Sincerely seb..
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First one is amazing :)

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