Batrachospermum torfusum, the green frog spawn algae

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Batrachospermum torfusum, the green frog spawn algae

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Batrachospermum torfusum is a species of the red algae (Rhodophyta). In addition to chlorophyll these red algae produce some more special dyes that give them their different colors. In contrast to Batrachospermum gelatinosum, the more common brownish version of Batrachospermum, I do actually know only one place where to find the green version, B. torfusum. It is a heathland pond near Roermond (yes Wim, it is again in the Netherlands :lol: ). Here some pics of that really interesting species:

a) Habitus, 40x


b) The central axis is built of long-cylindrical cells. From these branch the shorter whorls.


c) Egg-shaped cells with band-like chloroplasts


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A really interesting structure to this algae Ralf. The higher magnifications show a lot of detail. Great photos :smt023
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