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Charles Krebs
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A favorite subject that I've posted several times in the past.

This first image shows a large number of rotifers along a single blade of decaying grass. While I can find these rotifers regularly this time of year I seldom see this "density" in one place.

Nikon MM-11. Olympus 5/0.15 MPLFLN. Darkfield.

I included this next shot because it showed something I had not expected. There was a blade of grass that had about 6 or 7 very "young" rotifers just starting to build their tubes. I had always imagined that they started by attaching the base layer of round "bricks" directly to the surface. But all of them were attached by their foot, and the newly started tube was not actually attached to the substrate.

Olympus BHS. Olympus 10/0.30 S Plan Apo. DIC.

The last two shots are with a 40X and 60X, DIC, showing details of the cilia in motion.



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Post by arturoag75 »

you always find the way to surprise me, these are really wonderful :wink: :shock:

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Post by Jacek »

As usual, great pictures :D

Charlie, to which the plants are attached rotifers ? grass ?

Charles Krebs
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Post by Charles Krebs »

to which the plants are attached rotifers ? grass ?
I find them attached to underside of floating aquatic plant leaves and to aquatic "grasses". Generally easier to photograph when attached to a narrow blade of grass.

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Post by _Michal_ »

Great subject and fantastic photos.
Very nice details on last shot.
Best regards

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Post by piermicro »

Very, very formidable.

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Post by RogelioMoreno »

Fantastic as always, wish I could find them.


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Post by carlos.uruguay »

Absolutely beautiful!!!!

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Wow. The first picture is a stunner. the colour is gorgeous.
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Post by ralfwagner »

Extraordinary finding, great pictures.

Hope to meet these rotifers one day, too.

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Post by 75RR »

Beautiful photographs.
I find #2 the most interesting. I wonder if they move around a little once they have built their tube. Sort of tiptoe!

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