The Secret Lives of Paramecia - Part 2

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The Secret Lives of Paramecia - Part 2

Post by billporter1456 »

In this video, we see three Paramecia as they struggle with relationships, sexuality, and their own mortality. Viewer discretion is advised as the content includes nudity and "adult situations."

This video is the second part of a two-part movie, so it may not make much sense if you have not seen Part 1.
So I am including links for both Part 1 and Part 2.

I know these videos are not going to appeal to everyone, but I do hope that at least a few of you find them worth watching. Let me know what you think.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Tom Jones
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Post by Tom Jones »

:D Well Bill, at least MY sense of humor 8) enjoyed it!


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Post by rjlittlefield »

Mine too. I laughed out loud with the sudden appearance at 0:59. (See how carefully I avoided a spoiler?)


Chris S.
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Post by Chris S. »

Bill, I belly-laughed--many thanks!. But I love geek humor. :D Cheers to all who understand science enough to chortle at Bill's videos.

Maybe these should go mainstream--protist soap operas, anyone?

Thanks, Bill, a big tip of the hat!


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Post by billporter1456 »

Tom: I'm glad you found it amusing. Thanks for your comment.

Rik: When I ran across that camera viewfinder image in my video editing software, I jumped at the chance to use it as a gag that referred back to the "Breaking News" scene in Part 1. I got lucky with that one.

Chris: It was very gratifying to hear that you and Rik actually emitted laughing sounds while watching the video! Heck, I'd have settled for a "chortle." As for a protist soap opera, since it takes me about a week to make a 5 minute video, I don't think I'm up to 5 30-minute shows a week. Someone on another forum suggested that I do a musical adaptation. I am thinking about doing a version with actual voices instead of, or in addition to, the captions.

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Post by thegridrunner »

Great video, made me laugh. :lol:
I'll be watching your posts for more micro/macro porn in the future.

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Post by Protos »

Excellent Bill
You ripped me a smile in a tough day.

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Post by billporter1456 »

Hi thegridrunner and Protos, thanks for the kind words! A smile and a laugh are what I was aiming for, so your remarks help me feel like I succeeded. While it's fun to make these videos, I wouldn't keep doing it without some positive feedback like you have provided.

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