Condenser with 1.4 aperture...

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Stefano B
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Condenser with 1.4 aperture...

Post by Stefano B »

Dear all, colud you please post some shots of protozoans (or their parts) taken by an immersion condenser (for example with aperture 1.4) + an immersion objective? I haven't seen many of them in the web. I think in many cases resolution is better but not contrast.


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Post by Litonotus »

I once tried the CFN 60/1,4 oil objective and 1,2 oiled condenser, there was a difference in resolution and brightness but very small, in my opinion definitely not worth oiling and cleaning condenser and slide...
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I'm looking for the the extemely rare V-IM magnification changer for the E800 scope. If you have seen a listing or have one for sale please let me know.

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Post by Ferry »

I agree with Litonotus. A lot of work for some minor improvement... if visible

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