Chicken blood

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Chicken blood

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Is it only we primates that don't have nuclei in red blood cells? Anybody? Anybody?

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Abut the linked explanation...
The main affirmation is right about the facts: this is an exclusive feature of mamals and the hematopoietic sequence is OK, but the "explanation" is speculative and mostly out of focus, begining from the outdated vision of higher and lower vertebrates and inventing adaptative advantages. Birds are as (or more) metabolically actives than mammals and for example their respiratory system is much more efficient. And as taxonomic group, mammals are clearly older than birds.
The nucleated red cell only can be considered primitive in the sense that is common to all vertebrates except one group, so the non nucleated red cell is a derivated character.

But this could lean towards a theorical discussion about the nature of biological evolution. :D

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