Another Heliozoan

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Wolfgang Bettighofer
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Another Heliozoan

Post by Wolfgang Bettighofer »

Charles presented marvellous pictures about Actinophrys sol, specially arranged forming groups digesting together (the former mentioned "Fressgemeinschaften" in German literature).

My contribution doesn't meet Charles' standard, pictures are 3 years old and my ability taking microphotos has developed :lol:
Anyhow, it's interesting to see similar arrangements of heliozoan specimen as Charles showed:


For me it wasn't possible to take DOF-pictures of this object. In oder to capture this impression I tried to draw. Here my attempt:


So long, Wolfgang
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Post by beetleman »

WOW :shock: :smt103 :smt119 The Drawing is incredible Wolfgang. Did you draw that on the computer or is it a scan of your drawing?
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Wim van Egmond
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Very nice drawings, Wolfgang! It's that photographs are less time consuming otherwise I would also like to make drawings again. I know it is a photography forum but I woudl be pleased to see some drawings once in a while.


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Post by rjlittlefield »

I keep coming back to this wonderful drawing that complements the photograph so well. :D

Do you have other pairs to show us?


Wolfgang Bettighofer
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Post by Wolfgang Bettighofer »

Dear friends of microscopy,

thank's for comments to the drawing. As Wim mentioned, drawing needs very much time and taking pictures seems to be more comfortable. Nowadays I only take it upon myself to draw when there is no chance to figure out the third dimension by a number of shots plus stacking.
Doug asked if I'm using computer to support the drawing process. The Actinosphaerium picture was my forth efford to draw with 3-dim-effect at all but I'm using computers and DTP software like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Photopaint for years. So I was happy being able to use Photopaint for assistance :-))
Keywords of process:
- Taking pictures as drafts
- Drawing the basic picture manually with pencil and paper according to the drafts and what remained in mind.
- Scanning of basic picture
- Contrast manipulations with DTP software.
In the case of Actinosphaerium it's necessary to draw lots of axopods but it's exhausting to draw them all manually. So I used the copy and paste function of Corel Photopaint to multiply and adapt the axopods from the basic picture.

All things considered I'm only able to present four drawings. I'll show them combined with photos. Prospective I'm eager to draw Stylonychia mytilus. Had you ever looked at this astonishing ciliate (preferrably a large specimen) through a stereo mic with magnification 50-80? Incredible!

As an example look at my "basic picture" for Actinosphaerium.


If you feel like reading German you can look for details of drawing through the microscope technique and subsequent computer-processing at
Don't hesitate, there are a lot of charts and pictures :-))

Cheers, Wolfgang

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