Mystery about a "large, pink ciliate" apparently n

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Mystery about a "large, pink ciliate" apparently n

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A few days ago I posted a link to a video of what I called a, “large, pink ciliate.” It was a darkfield video showing a very large organism that some thought was a Stentor. But a “pink” Stentor? There are Stentor species that are reddish or pink in coloration, but not as large as the organism in the video. Just today I was observing Stentors and decided to switch from brightfield to darkfield. Wow! Suddenly the two Stentor coeruleus were now pink instead of the usual blue-green color. I think this solves the mystery of “Pinky,” the large ciliate of the prior video. I think “Pinky” was only pink because of the darkfield illumination and was probably a Stentor coeruleus.

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