Normal Lung Tissue (probably rat or mouse)

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Normal Lung Tissue (probably rat or mouse)

Post by jswatts »

In keeping with Michael's suggestion (even though it is definitely summer down here), here's one of my histology images: normal lung stained with H&E.


You can see an arc of cartilage in the centre of the image suppoting the bronchus or bronchiole. The dark granular cells next to it are possibly resident white blood cells as these are numerous in lungs and intestines. You can also make out the cilliated epithelium lining the airways (top left), blood vessels filled with blood (top right, bottom left) - which look like veins as they have thin, non-muscular walls - with the remainder being alveoli.This image was captured in standard brightfield on an Olymous BX-51 at 10 or 20x, I've corrected for vignetting, bumped up the contrast, and sharpened it just a bit.

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Thanks jswatts. Yep, that arc of cartilage agrees with my hyaline cartilage slide. As I go through my histology slides I am learning a bit about pathology. Right now I am going through the tedious process of hand sharpening some blades for my Spencer microtome. Then I have to go through the process of preparing the tissue sections with particulat attention to the parafin embedding process.
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