iPhone 5s up close and personal

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iPhone 5s up close and personal

Post by pwnell »

Below two photos of the phone's retina display. The RGB pixels can easily be seen. Some internal structure is also visible. First image is of the LCD screen illuminating itself - i.e. these TFT transistors are on.

20131214-DSLR_IMG_0274-Edit.jpg by pwnell, on Flickr
iPhone5s, 40x/0.6, iPhone's own retina screen illumination, HF C

Second shot, the transistors are off and it is only illuminated by the epi-illuminator with polarizers:
20131214-DSLR_IMG_0293-Edit.jpg by pwnell, on Flickr
iPhone5s, 40x/0.6, EPI+POL, HF B

The new iPhone 5s has a dual flash system that tries to better balance the flashes' colour with the ambient light. To do this they most likely changed some phosphor in the tiny flash heads to generate a warmer and cooler flash. Here it is with epi polarization:

20131214-DSLR_IMG_0310.jpg by pwnell, on Flickr
iPhone5s dual flash, 4x, EPI+POL

And for the finale - with auto fluorescence:

20131214-DSLR_IMG_0313.jpg by pwnell, on Flickr
iPhone5s dual flash, 4x, FLUO-C4 (Exc: 330-480µm)

Interesting thing is that these flash heads did not fluoresce at all when the excitation spectrum was 327 - 404µm, implying that it must fluoresce somewhere between 405µm and 480µm.

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wow :smt038

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Nice! :D

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Very nice, I love #1 and #4.


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