Plant + O2 bubbles

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Plant + O2 bubbles

Post by pwnell »

I was photographing this underwater plant from my tropical aquarium when I noticed after being done, that there are many small bubbles where I made the cut. I presume these are oxygen bubbles from photosynthesis that leaked out of the cut - since I made this cut while the plant was under heavy illumination for several hours. I think aquarists (scientists?) call this pearling. I thought it made for a pretty picture.

20131214-DSLR_IMG_0268.jpg by pwnell, on Flickr
Tropical aquarium plant + oxygen bubbles, 10x,DF

20131214-DSLR_IMG_0271.jpg by pwnell, on Flickr
Tropical aquarium plant + oxygen bubbles, 10x, POL+LP

Marek Mis
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Post by Marek Mis »

Beautiful, especially the first one !!


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Post by Jacek »

very nice pictures

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Very nice, my favorite is #1.


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