Desmids from Austria

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Wolfgang Bettighofer
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Desmids from Austria

Post by Wolfgang Bettighofer »

Recently I've got a sample from sphagnum ponds of alpine region of Austria. There are lots of desmids and I'm working to combine manually pictures because contrast is too weak for software-stacking. In this case I also unsed manual stitching because this banana was too long for the 63/1.4 objective. But only this objective shows precisely the surface structure of Closterium costata, i. e. the longitudinal stripes. You see also transversal stripes. Each of these indicates a cell division, so this Specimen had 11 divisions.


Closterium costatum
63/1,4, DIC
3W Luxeon
24 shots stacked and stitched manually
Olympus C7070

Closterium bears star shaped chloroplasts with pyrenoid bodies in the center. This picture showes the pyrenoid layer (axial circular structures).


63/1,4, DIC
3W Luxeon
6 shots stacked and stitched manually
Olympus C7070

Cheers, Wolfgang
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Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

I just had to reply to your posting Wolfgang.

Amazingly "substantial" images showing so much great detail (especially pic1). Worth every bit your effort in expertly stitching and stacking 24 frames :shock:

These are images that demand you spend time really "looking" at the detail.


Bruce :D

Charles Krebs
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Post by Charles Krebs »

Beautifully done Wolfgang, om both aesthetic and informational levels!

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Post by beetleman »

Excellent work Wolfgang. All your effort was well worth it. The pictures are beautiful and filled with amazing detail. :smt023
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

I have to agree and Closterium has to be one of my favorite desmids. The thermal juggling of molecules associated with the Brownian Movement in the tips has always fascinate me. Great shots, rich color, and fantastic details, beautiful :D

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