Predator and Prey

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Brian Matsumoto
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Predator and Prey

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I am posting another link to a video taken with the aid of the color Heine condenser. The first portion of the video shows an ameoba "chasing down", surrounding, and ingesting a small, unidentified ciliate.

The second part of the video is a low power view of blepharisma, taken with an Olympus stereo microscope. While it is OK, I've never been happy with images taken with this microscope. Since taking this video, I have switched over to using a compound microscope with a 1.25X, and 2.0X objective and have been much happier with the results.

This video transitions to a giant, cannibalistic blepharisma that has a smaller organism in its food vacuole. The prey struggles to get out; however, the cell membrane is too strong.

Let me know what you think.


Brian Matsumoto

Gary W Brown
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Very nice, Brian. Of course you know I'm always impressed by your accomplishments.

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Thank you for sharing it

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