Marine copepod with newly hatched nauplii

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Charles Krebs
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Marine copepod with newly hatched nauplii

Post by Charles Krebs »

This marine copepod found it's way onto my microscope just as the attached eggs were hatching out. Some of the nauplii are still in the egg while others have hatched out and are moving away.

Oblique brightfield with 10X S Plan Apo.


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Post by Ecki »

How sweet. Very nice catch.

Ernst Hippe
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A rare sight!

Craig Gerard
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Do such creatures have a 'strategic release' capacity similar to that of some plants that produce seed when the 'mother' plant is under stress?

Remarkable image Charlie.

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Post by sebba28 »

Wow :shock:.It looks great ,Charlie.
Did you use an oblique condeser?

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Post by RogelioMoreno »


Great, I love the colors and details.


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Post by Olympusman »

Remarkable catch!
Michael Reese Much FRMS EMS Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Charles Krebs
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Post by Charles Krebs »

Did you use an oblique condeser?
It was not a "dedicated" oblique condenser but my Universal condenser on the BH2. This has a rotating turret to move from brightfield to different (in my case DIC) inserts. If you have it in the brightfield position and just partially rotate towards a different position the aperture moves to the side and you can get the oblique effect. (When I used a Labophot I did the same thing with a multi-position Phase Contrast condenser). It is not as versatile as a "dedicated" oblique condenser since you are limited as to where you can position the aperture, but generally works out quite nicely.

Oblique brightfield is a very effective technique that I often prefer to more "sophisticated" lighting methods. Here are a few additional examples: ... hp?t=12715 ... hp?t=21685 ... php?t=3843

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