a larva from a Porcelain Crab

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Franz Neidl
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a larva from a Porcelain Crab

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It was almost impossible for me to photograph the Zoea-Larva from a Pocelain Crab. Why?

The larva has a very long Rostrum (the forward extension of the carapace in front of the eyes) - see picture Nr.3

It has also two long caudal spines - see picture Nr. 2

For your personal orientation I copied a drawing from FIORONI (Evertebratenlarven des marine Planktons, Solingen 1998, p.115) about two larvae from Porcelain Crabs (see picture Nr. 1)

a general picture of the larva (see picture Nr. 2)

What is the function of this Rostrum and the Caudal spines? Certainly it is a protection against ennemies a also a protection against sinking.

In my (non scientific) phantasy I see this animal as an acrobat on a high rope with a balancing pole.

3 pictures, picture 2-3: brightfield, objective 4x, seaplankton





Ernst Hippe
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again an interesting surprise from your marine zoo - thank you!

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