How i killed my 500D

Images made through a microscope. All subject types.

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great photos and a very interesting technique. :-)



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Nice DIY solution, and very good olivine phenocrystals!
JL wrote: Now I just have to find somebody that could make thin sections of the quality that you show.
Rob in Scotland makes excellent slides and also may cut your samples (even free if they are interesting for him). He sells them at his website and also at Ebay. He is a very friendly man.
I've bought many of his slides and he also has prepared several of my own samples.

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Hi Pau.

Thanks for the link to Geosec, a very interesting page that I did not know. I am currently settling into Houston and have got the name of a company that make thin sections, amongst other kind of rock preparations. Mind you, most of my rock samples are still in Spain, thus I will have to wait a few months before getting some of those thin sections made.


José Luis.

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