Open Season on Chaoborus

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Open Season on Chaoborus

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I see that in Charlie's posting at ... hp?t=21444 Cactusdave has effectively declared open season on Chaoborus, so having been dragged into this by Cactusdave, here are some of my images from the recent Microscopists' Weekend at Juniper Hall near Dorking, UK:

They said this one was like something by Dali!

Microscope: Zeiss Standard
Ocular: Zeiss KPL-W 10/18
Objective: Zeiss 1.6/0.03 - 5/0.1
Substage: Leitz 0.9NA ICT used with only polariser and retardation filter (i.e. no DIC prisms)

The next three images:

Microscope: Zeiss Standard
Ocular: Zeiss KPL-W 10/18
Objective: Leitz NPL Fluotar 16/0.45 ICT
Substage: Leitz 0.9NA ICT, with retardation filter

Stitched & stacked portrait

Swim bladders


Now I await Cactusdave's contribution...

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Post by Litonotus »

great (: I will take some soon too (:
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I'm looking for the the extemely rare V-IM magnification changer for the E800 scope. If you have seen a listing or have one for sale please let me know.

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Post by Jacek »

second great

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Post by RogelioMoreno »

Very nice set, my favorite is the first one.


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Post by Cactusdave »

All very nice Graham. The detail in the full length image is constrained by the site image size restrictions, but I really like the colours and background in the first two images. I will post some of my images next week when I'm back from my trip. Between all of us I think we will have assembled a pretty definitive set on this poor larva when we have finished :lol: .
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