Dinoflagellate in division again

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Dinoflagellate in division again

Post by René »

Hi guys, here is another example of a dividing dinoflagellate. In a controlled way each of the two daughter cells gets part of the theca. The process is called desmoschisis, and division always follows these suture lines.

Stained with Calcofluor White, an optical brightener which stains the cellulose plates of armoured dinoflagellates.

Here's the corresponding brightfield image:

Admittedliy, it doesn't look very nice, apologies for that. Lugol preservation generally does not give great views, and this is heavily bleached with thiosulphate before staining.

The dinoflagellate comes from a brackish creek in the south of the Netherlands. It is called Alexandrium ostenfeldii, one of the toxic species involved in shellfish intoxication. Cells are about 35 um across.

Images: 20x/0.7 Olympus splanapo, cmos cam TIS 5Mp. Stacks of around 15 images.

Best wishes, René

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Really excellent!

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first awesome

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The first one is nice!


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