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More random photos

Post by pwnell »

These are not awesome photos but I wanted to show them to you as I have been playing around with some new equipment I got. Ever since I acquired the fluorescence components for my BX53, I wanted to use it for brightfield reflected illumination as well, but as Charles warned me - the reflections and glare were usually too much.

I decided to get a polarizer for the fluorescent arm - maybe if I polarize the light in the reflected light path it would cut down on the glare? Seems like I was right. Without the polarizer the photos were basically white with a washed out greyish subject matter. I.e. completely useless. Not all photos were taken using reflected illumination though.

20130526-DSLR_IMG_0465.jpg by pwnell, on Flickr
Boundary Bay Park & Crescent Beach sample fish fin, 10x, DIC

20130529-DSLR_IMG_0327.jpg by pwnell, on Flickr
Sunset moth scales, 50x/0.5 LMPlan, Epi-LED, HF B (20,10) + C

20130626-DSLR_IMG_0264.jpg by pwnell, on Flickr
Flower (anther?), 4x EPI-XC, HF C

20130627-DSLR_IMG_0015.jpg by pwnell, on Flickr
Mite on leaf, 40/0.6x, ULC, BF, HF B+C

This one was interesting as the reflected illumination illuminated the crystals in its exoskeleton differently than transmitted illumination does.
20130627-DSLR_IMG_0213.jpg by pwnell, on Flickr
Isopod, 4x, EPI-XC+POL

20130627-DSLR_IMG_0327.jpg by pwnell, on Flickr
Sponge, 4x*2, POL, HF B

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Post by Pau »

I find all of them excellent. Nice equipment and skills!

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Post by bromodomain »

These are all fantastic but that mite is top-notch .

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Post by Marek Mis »

Nice set !
The last one - sponge I like the best.


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Post by Jacek »

great pictures

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Post by RogelioMoreno »

Very nice set!

The last one is my favorite.


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Post by pwnell »

Thanks for the comments.

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