The cirri in euplotes

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The cirri in euplotes

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Euplotes is a typical ciliate of fresh or salt water.
One of its distinctive features is the presence of thick cirri clouds in his armored body
The quantity and distribution of them is typical of each species.
I has always been very difficult to locate them.
This video shows the location and amount of cirri clouds of a euplotes. I do not know which is the specie of this euplotes.
We observe:
4 "caudal" cirri, located at the rear end of euplotes
10 "frontoventral" cirri, are seen them looking "up" to the ciliate in the anterior zone of your body
5 "transverse" cirri, are the most long and are backward looking at half from "above"
My thanks to Bruce Taylor:
for his generous help
Oblique light

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