is this a so called "Spaghetti-Worm"?

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Franz Neidl
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is this a so called "Spaghetti-Worm"?

Post by Franz Neidl »

To be honest: Yesterday I was a little bit shocked. I thought this are many worms, but than looking more carefully I discoverd that this is only one. I think it's a bristle worm (Polychaeta), maybe from the Cirratulidae (Chaetozone setosa ?) or from the Terebellomorpha (Polycirrus aurantiacus ?). Somebody can help me?
The bristleworm was about 8 mm long.
Brightfield Obj. 4x



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Post by Jacek »

you have always interesting organisms :D

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Post by arturoag75 »

WOW..i think its movments under microscope are quite impressive :shock:
great! :wink:

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Post by pwnell »

Yep - I am no expert but that is what we in the reef aquarium hobby identify as a spaghetti worm. They live in the sand usually in self made tubes I presume from secreting some mucous to bind the substrate. They feed on detritus mainly AFAIK. Very nice capture.

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