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pediastrum - Forum introduction

Post by Norman »

Hi there !

After about one year of silent lurking, i think i owe you some response.
I really enjoy your work, countless of outstanding photographs,
and interestening comments on them.
Beginning with a serious approach in microscopy in april 2005,
i still struggle with the usual hurdles for amateur microsopists
(which mic, which cam, which whatever, and how...).
Probably a life long process... ;- )

About one year ago, in a green city pond in Weinheim, there was an algeal
"big meeting", the water deep green, and i was already in a state in which
green water has completely lost its untasty image.
I found nice specimens, from which i learned that they are common,
and took a photograph using the illumination method of Martin Kreutz:


It should be a Pediastrum boryanum.

A closer look showed that the tips of the colony do carry hair:

Probably for improvement of swimming style. ;- )
Do you also have these pediastrum out there in the world ?

Kindest regards,


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Post by beetleman »

Welcome to the forums Norman. I did the same thing before I did my first post...spent months with my mouth open, looking at every post in the forum. I say you did a wonderful job on these photos IMO..very beautiful creature and some nice detail also. I don`t even tell people here I have a microscope :wink: Welcome againand make sure you tell your friends about us also :)
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Post by rjlittlefield »

Welcome aboard, Norman! :D These are good pictures and interesting information. Certainly I have never seen these beasts before, though I'm sure the other folks will tell me that's because I don't spend enough time looking through my microscope. :?

On quick search of the web, I do not find any other pictures as nice as yours, so I'd say you have learned quite well in less than 2 years!

It is great to have you with us -- I look forward to lots more pictures and observations! :D


Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Rik wrote:
I'm sure the other folks will tell me that's because I don't spend enough time looking through my microscope.

Welcome to the forums there Norman, good to have you :D . A very nice image to start things off with I might add. I personally have never seen one of these through the scope, though it is a wonder that I have not. I use my scope quite often, more often than some people I know of, Rik, er... I mean Norman. :lol:

Wolfgang Bettighofer
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Post by Wolfgang Bettighofer »

Hi Norman,

nice to meet in "outer space". I registered a few days ago. Nice Pediastrum pictures and very interesting details! So I have something to look for when I meet Pediastrum again.
Perhaps we should tell the folks hear that there exists another photomicrograpy forum, hosted in Germany. Board language is German, of course, but we use to have guests speaking English.
The link:

Cheers! Wolfgang

Charles Krebs
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Post by Charles Krebs »

Greetings and welcome Norman.

I have seen these from time to time but (as Wolfgang mentioned) you have shown some interesting details in the second image that I had never noticed before. I too need to take a closer look next time!

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