Algae (stereo added, 3D rocking added)

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RogelioMoreno wrote:I have tried to see some stereo and I finally could see some of them, the big stereo are difficult yet (I have to move away the screen to see them). I can see a nice stereo (to the inside of the screen, like the specimen was cut longitudinally and you are seen from the inside to the outside) of the following image.
That sounds like you are viewing the pair as "parallel" layout, left eye image on the left. When viewed as "crossed eye" layout, the image appears convex toward the viewer, like looking at the outside.

It is very hard to see large stereo in parallel layout without assistance from a viewer with mirrors. See ... 880#106880 for links to the viewer that I use and instructions on how to use it.

But for posting we prefer crossed eye anyway because then even large stereo can be seen by people who have learned the trick of crossing their eyes.


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Thanks Rogelio, that's really good :D

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Really nice!

The stereo is great.

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Thank you all.


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On the following link you can see a 3D rocking that was created by ChrisR:

Chris, thank you very much. :wink:


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Wow!!! Very nice! :smt103

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