Difflugia acuminata test. Stereo pair

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Charles Krebs
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Difflugia acuminata test. Stereo pair

Post by Charles Krebs »

These don't look that exciting in "2-dimension", but if you can view cross-eyed stereo pairs they are fun to look at in stereo.

The empty tests were photographed "dry" sitting on a slide. They were taken with the Nikon MM-11 and the Olympus LMPLFLN 50/0.50. The first is reflected light. The second is brightfield, and the third is oblique brightfield (I was trying out a Zeiss Lucigen illuminator fitted to the stage I use with that microscope).

The test in the first two images measures 342 microns (0.013") and the last one is a little smaller at 225 microns (0.0088").




Craig Gerard
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Post by Craig Gerard »

Quite distinct from the 2D representation.

I'm using a 'stereo viewer' so I need to swap the pairs around otherwise they have a cavernous, hollow appearance....which is also rather interesting.

To use a classic quote from 'Antz' - "I almost know exactly what I'm doing!"

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