Mosquito larva

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Mosquito larva

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I managed to find some open water recently, outlet of a frozen lake. This mosquito larva was in my sample. It had the typical black highly sclerotized head capsule when I isolated it to photograph. Next time I looked it had moulted and the head capsule had not began to harden allowing for a 'look inside'. I think the white blobs up front is the brain, dorsal ganglia.
The head and thorax closeup in under crossed polarizers and some type of wave plate. Shows a pair of muscles that likely work the head fans.
Top: Nikon 4x CF N Plan finite on bellows, Nikon D90
Bottom: Olympus SPlan 4x + 1.25x intermediate + 2.5x NFK, Nikon D600.
Stacked images, Zerene Stacker PMax.
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Love the first one - very unique.

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Really well done; excellent.


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