Another ID needed, please?

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Another ID needed, please?

Post by pwnell »

As I was busy poking around in my reef aquarium for things to photograph, I found these 8mm long structures attached to the inside glass panes, looking like small protrusions hanging out in the water column. Obviously I took one and placed it under the microscope. This is an absolute gorgeous animal, especially when I "turned on the lights" so to speak.

But I have no idea what it is! Any ID? I am sure it is a predator, it seems like the bulbous tentacles are used to catch prey? In one of the photos it is clear it had ingested a copepod.

4x, slightly cropped, BF

4x, slightly cropped, FLUO-C4

10x, DIC

10x, FLUO-C4, ingested copepod

20x, FLUO-C4, looks like tiny little light bulbs under UV/Blue excitation.

Bruce Taylor
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Post by Bruce Taylor »

That is simply marvellous!

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Post by BJ »

Hi Waldo,

i think that it is a hydrozoan, Coryne or something similar. Probably will grow and branch more.

You have a whole universe of organisms in your tank - thank you for sharing these delights with us.


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Post by Jacek »

I do not know what it is, but the pictures are great

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