Actinoptychus diatom

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Ron Neumeyer
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Actinoptychus diatom

Post by Ron Neumeyer »

Here is a picture of an interesting concentric diatom from the Dunkirk fossil diatom formation. I believe this is a species of Actinoptychus. (This is a stack of 4 images.)


Nikon D50
Zeiss Photomicroscope II
Zeiss 10x S-Kpl eyepiece
Zeiss Plan-Neofluar multi-immersion phase 25x/0.80
Zeiss achromatic-aplanatic VZ NA 1.4 condenser
Electronic flash – brightfield[/img]

Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

I never have been able to make much sense of diatoms, they are quite beautiful though, natures jewels as a matter of fact and at one time and maybe still are, they were used in regular toothpaste as a scouring agent. Great image there Ron. :D

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Post by beetleman »

Ron, this is a very beautiful image. It is simply amazing how such a small creature can be so complicated. Only two posts :shock: Welcome to the forums :wink: "We want more" :D
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