the tintinnid Salpingella sp.

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Franz Neidl
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the tintinnid Salpingella sp.

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This marine tintinnid ciliate has a very narrow lorica. The wall is hyalin and structureless (so I had to take phase-contrast!). The lorica was 340 µm long.
Maybe somebody can say me the exact species?


BTW: I am reading now an interesting book about tindinnids:
The Biology and Ecology of Tintinnid Ciliates. Models for marine Plankton; edited by John R. Dolan, David J.S. Montagnes, Sabine Agatha, D. Wayne Coats, Diane Stoecker; 2012, published few weeks ago.
For people interested in tindinnids I think it is the best book!

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Nice images! (No idea about species.)

I see this got posted multiple times. I'll delete the others to prevent confusion.


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that is a fantastic image - I imagine a very difficult subject to get in focus throughout its length.

From its size, slightly thickened rim, gently curved taper to the posterior and rather poorly developed fins i would go for Salpingella gracilis.

thank you for posting!

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Great image. Your phase contrast has surprisingly little halo artifacts.

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beautiful photo

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Very nice!

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Exquisite! A slender glass trumpet for a microscopic fairy.

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