a medusa, but...

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Franz Neidl
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a medusa, but...

Post by Franz Neidl »

I think it has to do with a medusa, but I dont know the species, but even I dont know if these are independent animals or parts of an animal. I found them yesterday.
4 pictures






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Post by curt0909 »

Great photos. I've never seen these creatures. What power objective used?

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Post by BJ »

Hello Franz,

i think that it is a medusa that has been minced on your net. What type of medusa I do not know.

The second photo shows very nicely the packed cnidocysts.

The third and fourth photos show an isolated, rather contracted, tentacle. These two photos (especially #3) also show what I think is a statocyst with a large round statolith on the left (in life at the base of the tentacle).

i suspect that a "jelly" expert would be able to identify it more closely from the nature of the cnidocysts and the statocyst.

next time you should be less cruel to the poor medusa !!

best wishes,

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