Simocephalus - water flea

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Simocephalus - water flea

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Sony NEX-7, Zeiss Axioscope A1, 5x Plan Achromat lens + 2.5x connector for the camera.

I made the first image with stack and stitch method, and both stacking and stitching had to be done manually... The advantage of manual work was getting more details of the transparency. Took me 4 days of work in photoshop. Finishing the shell surface almost made me go crazy...

Wish I could finish the shell (the top) of the frontal view of the water flea. But that guy doesn't like chilling laying on its back, it moves a lot. I am thankful it allowed to take at least 15 exposures in this state...

Polarized light in both cases.

Overall, NEX-7 is an awesome camera for microscopy, what it offers in addition to my old nex-5 is electronic front shutter, endlessly better dynamic range, and many other improvements. Although 24+ megapixels is an overkill. At 50% of image size everything is soft already.

I find this set much better than my previous ceriodaphnia attempt here: ... riodaphnia

Edited: I mistook this species for Ceriodaphnia (and entitled the post in the wrong way), thanks to Clado for id
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both are really great!

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Impressive images, I most like the fisrt one.
All that manual work was worth!

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Stunning :shock:

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Post by Clado »

Hello Starshade,

Very beautiful pictures.
This is not Ceriodaphnia.
It is a female of Simocephalus vetulus.



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Post by Starshade »

Thank you guys!

Clado - wow... what happened in my brain to mix it up! Thanks a lot!

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A lot of work I'm sure, but a very worthwhile result.

I'm impressed with the potential of the sony Nex cameras for photography through the microscope. I believe the Sony Nex 5-N also has the EFSC and desirable sensor, and is available as body only at a much lower price than the premium 7-N. The latest incarnation of the Nex 5 series, the Nex 5-R has built in two way wifi, enabling remote live view and camera control from a smart phone or tablet. As it's new of course, the prices for the 5-R are currently 2X that for the 5-N.
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Very nice work!


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First one is absolutely stunning!

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Very cool.
I'm in Canada! Isn't that weird?

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It would be hard to take a better photo of a water flea. The detail of the shell in #1 is great. It reminds me of a finger print.

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