New objective - test

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New objective - test

Post by pwnell »

I just received my new UPlanFL N 10x/0.3 and 40x/0.75 Phase Contrast objectives. This completes my objective kit as I can now perform phase contrast, DIC, bright field, dark field and polarized illumination.

Since I sold my Nikon E200, I cannot compare the image quality with the CFI Plan Achromats I had. I tested my two 10x objectives on a very difficult subject, a diatom slide, and was quite surprised by the results.

I am asking for feedback - I would like to know whether the new UPlanFL N 10x/0.3 is functioning optimally, as I found it to me much worse than the UPlanSApo 10x/0.4, which in my mind is as close to a perfect optical instrument I have ever seen in this comparison.

UPlanFL N 10/0.3, Bright Field, adjusted white balance, vignetting only.

UPlanSApo 10/0.4, Bright Field, adjusted white balance, vignetting only.

UPlanFL N 10/0.3, 100% crop

UPlanSApo 10/0.4, 100% crop

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Post by Cactusdave »

Well it looks like the Planapo is doing what it says on the tin ---- delivering noticeably better resolution and much superior freedom from chromatic aberration (fringing). I'm a little surprised that the difference is as marked as it is in those images.
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