Images made through a microscope. All subject types.

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Post by pwnell »

to Charles, Marek, Rogelio and others on your succes in the Nikon Small World competition!

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Post by ChrisR »

Seems harsh to not name Walter Piorkowski, since he came 2nd!
Perhaps there are more members' photos there?

How did he keep those spiderlings still?
And the ant with larva, poses a question :)

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Post by pwnell »

Sorry if I missed anyone - was not meant to be an exhaustive list. I do not know everyone on here (yet).

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Post by lauriek »

These are the people I know are here:

2nd place Walter Piorkowski
6th place Marek Mis
8th place Gerd Guenther
9th place Geir Drange
17h place Charles Krebs

Honourable mention

Nikola Rahme
(and more from the guys above)

Images of distinction

Frank Fox
David Millard
Rogelio Moreno
Wim van Egmond
(and more from the guys above)

That's a pretty good haul guys!

Congratulations to all of you, keep up the great work! :)

(Sorry I expect I still missed some!)

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Post by Cactusdave »

Congratulations to everyone from the forum who made the hot 100 and yes I'm there in the Images of Distinction :D There are some absolutely fabulous images this year, I just don't know how the judges could separate them.
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Walter Piorkowski
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Post by Walter Piorkowski »

Add my congratulations to all my fellow forum members honored this year. I am totally knocked out to have been placed in second. Walt

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Post by curt0909 »

Wow, Its good to see so many people from this forum awarded. Great job everyone. Congratulations

Wim van Egmond
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Post by Wim van Egmond »

Dear Friends,

Also my congratulations for so many winners in the forum. Thank you for still concidering me as a member of the forum, Lauriek. :-) I have not posted for a long time. But I have a good excuse. I have moved house this summer. Pfff, what a nuisance. My equipment is already on a table but I still have to get everything operating again. I hope to have more time for microscopy soon.


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Post by Starshade »

Congratulations to the winners! Some really great pictures and it was interesting to see those posted in this forum before, as usual.

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Post by Litonotus »

congratulations to all!

Walter's spiders are breathtaking and of incredible artistic quality, they look like paintings.

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Post by johan »

Well done everyone! I've always thought that the information in this forum is of a very high technical standard, but of course the information is entirely because the participants are of a very high standard. And isn't it great to see this rewarded. Superb!
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Post by carlos.uruguay »

Many many congratulations!

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Post by arturoag75 »

Congratulations to all by me :lol: :lol:

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Post by discomorphella »

Congratulations to all the NSW winners. It's great to see how many images appeared here first...


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Post by Frez »

Outstanding! Congrats to all.


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