Camera\Setup Advice for Wild M400

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Camera\Setup Advice for Wild M400

Post by habusho »

Hi everyone, I have a Wild M400 coming in a few days time.

I've already searched the forums for this but, I'd like recommendations for a camera and how to mate it with the Wild M400 microscope.

I was thinking that a full-frame DSLR would be the best option but they seem to add a lot more complexity to the setup and most of the pixels would be wasted.

I actually have an old Nikon 5400 available to play with but I really wouldn't mind purchasing a camera to permanently mount on the M400. I think point and shoot cameras have the advantage of great depth of field and they're less expensive but I really don't know where to start. I've read on other parts that a Nikon 4500 works well but I can't really figure out why that would work better than other cameras.

Anyway, any advice or input would be appreciated.

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