Weird behaviour of Sodium Citrate

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Weird behaviour of Sodium Citrate

Post by pwnell »

I was trying to get nice photos of Sodium Citrate when I encountered these patterns. I placed a drop of solution on the slide and waited for it to evaporate. To help speed along the process, I placed it under my metal halide lights (quite hot). When I placed it under the microscope I saw the smooth drop change shape into these wrinkled, wavy lines. It stayed like this for about 5 minutes before fading away into a plain uniform shape.

My guess is that this has to do with the heating and cooling of the solution. Either way, under DIC it looked incredible:

Sodium Citrate, 10x, DIC
20120830-DSLR_IMG_0044.jpg by pwnell, on Flickr

Sodium Citrate, 10x * 2, DIC
20120830-DSLR_IMG_0037.jpg by pwnell, on Flickr

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Post by iwamori »

Very beautiful images, a terrific surprise.

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Post by arturoag75 »

Stunning :shock:

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Post by g4lab »

Reminds me of wrinkle paint finishes that they used to do once upon a time.

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