Filemantous algae reproductive cell

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Filemantous algae reproductive cell

Post by carlos.uruguay »

What we see in this video is the spore (zoospore) of a filamentous alga
A small barrel of intense green color with a crown of flagella that allow you to swim.
It then swims to a faraway place to give new filaments
Brightfield and phase contrast objective of 40X
carlos - uruguay

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Post by Mitch640 »

I saw this the other day on your Channel. He is quite startling. A plant that really acts like a ciliate. Because he is a ciliate.

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Post by uaalgae »

This is a zoospore of the filamentous green alga, Oedogonium. It has a characteristic ring of flagella at it's apical end. It settles down apical end first and attaches itself to a substrate as the flagella are asorbed.
Very nice video, Carlos

Charles Krebs
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Post by Charles Krebs »

Good video!

I first found these about 7 years ago and was completely puzzled as to what I was looking at. Could scarcely believe it when I found out they were alga zoospores.

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