Coreus marginatus - dock leaf bug

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Coreus marginatus - dock leaf bug

Post by rheinweib »

Hello together,
here I present a dock leave bug? Coreus marginatus, ist the english name right?
She looks with the eye simply brown, but under the microscope, she is full of pearls (sorry for my crazy-english), hope, you understand me anyway.



Lomo Biolam - 5x without ocular, only objectiv

3x without ocular

9x + 4,5x projectiv, here are my optical frontier with this microscope :?

hope, you like it
best regards


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Post by rjlittlefield »

Your English is fine -- no trouble at all understanding it. Spelling would be "dock leaf bug" or simply "dock bug".

Those pearls look like mechanoreceptors, each with a single bristle coming from a flexible base. Under the cuticle there would be nerves attached to tell her when the bristle was touched.

These images are coming out very well. Are you still stacking with Helicon as mentioned on your blog? Some of the later images like on Montag 10.1.bis 15.1 have edge streaking that looks more characteristic of CombineZ or Zerene Stacker.


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Post by Cactusdave »

The third and fourth images are very nice indeed.
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