My First Images of Pond Water Life Forms

Images made through a microscope. All subject types.

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Some constructive criticism:
- You must tune the white balance. It can be done before to take the picture with the camera white balance manual preset or adding the adequate blue conversion filter or after it in PP, better if you shot RAW during the RAW conversion, but can be done in JPGs with Photoshop or similar software.
- Overexposing 1 or even 2 EV works well in BF images
- It seems, especially in #2 and 4# that you close too much the condenser diaphragm (ir place it too low). This reduces the system NA allowing more DOF but cuts down the resolution.

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Thanks Pau, that should have clicked with me! I was happy with these images until I started my new job where I have full access to a huge ranges of sophisticated modern microscopes :D

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I agree with Pau. I recognize this problem with my 'cheap' microscope camera. The problem is that it doesn't produce realistic images, even after playing with the white balance (costs a lot of time). And since it doesn't support RAW, i decided to start using my DSLR. I don't know if I'm the only one with this problem?

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