Bristles on fly face

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Charles Krebs
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Bristles on fly face

Post by Charles Krebs »

While cleaning out some old files I came across this shot taken about a year ago. I didn't post it then because I was not happy with the background, but the subject is sort of neat looking, so here it is.

I was playing around with an old epi-illuminator and some old objectives. I had a fly on the microscope that I had prevoiusly photographed "normally" and decided to see what I could find with a 40X and epi-illumination. Here are a couple of the heavier bristles on the fly face.


Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

Surprising result - would not have anticipated such elegant fluting/ribbing.

Interesting to speculate on purpose. Increased surface area to improve sensitivity to vibration maybe? Tune sensitivity to specific frequencies? Strengthen (would fluting do that?). Look nice :D

Neat photo Charles and artistic too!


ps - May or may not be related but is interesting anyway, see:

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Post by beetleman »

Great picture does make you wonder :-k
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