Happy Valentine's Day .....( and identification question )

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Thomas Ashcraft
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Happy Valentine's Day .....( and identification question )

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Happy Valentine's Day ( though a day or two early.)

Here's a short video of a ciliated microorganism dividing (I assume) {Updated correction: It is probably not dividing. Thanks for that info Bernhard) but I don't know the species. Maybe someone here knows?


4 MB

Unfortunately my lab notes are poor on this clip but I think it was shot at 400x magnification although by the size of the bacteria maybe it was shot at 1000x. Not sure.

Thanks for the identification help.

Tom in New Mexico

Meiji microscope
Canon S3 IS in video mode
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Can't help with the ID, sorry.

That's a nice video, though. I was intrigued that part way through (around 17 seconds in), it looks like all the water suddenly sweeps right & down -- at least that's where all the bacteria go -- but the little rotating ciliate hardly moves. It acts like it's loosely attached to the cover slip. Interesting, since it's spinning all the while.


Ken Ramos
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I would almost guess a Copidium, seems I have seen this before among them but yet I am not sure. Excellent video! :D

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Post by bernhardinho »

Hi Tom,

very interesting, especially the oil drops, never seen that in a ciliate. It is surely no division, ´cause it takes place transversewise. It looks very much like Colpoda inflata. In my book by Kahl even more closely than here:

http://protist.i.hosei.ac.jp/PDB/Images ... flata.html


Thomas Ashcraft
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Hi Ken, Rik and Bernhard and all,

Thanks for your comments on this interesting organism. Indeed, it does seem to be some sort of Colpoda.

I searched Colpoda at the excellent Micro*scope site and came up with these close matches:

http://starcentral.mbl.edu/microscope/p ... geid=24005
http://starcentral.mbl.edu/microscope/p ... geid=24002

Perhaps a video of its other side would have shown more features like its oral cavity.

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!


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