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Post by gpmatthews »

Possibly Raphidiophrys...

Microscope: Zeiss Standard GFL
Objective: Leitz x40 ICT NPL Fluotar (DIC)
Ocular: Olympus P15
Substage: Leitz ICT
Sample from Warnham Local Nature Reserve

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Post by MacroLuv »

What the heck is this? Meteorite impact? :shock:
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Nikola asked:
What the heck is this? Meteorite impact?
Not quite, but it does resemble that of a rifled slug having impacted bullet proof glass. So, "go ahead...make my day." :smt028

A really neat heliozoan there Graham :D , the outer fringes of the body mass are quite curious. Wonder if that could be something similar to a test. :-k

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Post by beetleman »

Great photo Graham. I have never seen one live....they mut be really interesting to watch. My scope is just sitting upstairs with the dustcover on.
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