Paramecium Using A Nikon Oil e 100x Objective - Video

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Paramecium Using A Nikon Oil e 100x Objective - Video

Post by Mitch640 »

Just another test video that I thought came out pretty good. You can see the trychocysts, uric crystals and other organelles inside the body. So many things to look at.

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Post by curt0909 »

Super video Mitch and great detail. Bright field is very difficult to manage at this magnification but you did a great job. I never thought to close the field diaphragm to increase contrast. Thanks for the tip.

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Post by Litonotus »

great video! and a superb commentary as usual (:

old samples? my record is about half a year (; and even after that time something still lived there (I have to add water from time to time)
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I'm looking for the the extemely rare V-IM magnification changer for the E800 scope. If you have seen a listing or have one for sale please let me know.

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Post by RogelioMoreno »

Very nice video and great comments!

Thank you for sharing.


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Post by Mitch640 »

Thanks Curt, Litonotus and Rogelio for looking and commenting.

Curt, it was pure luck that I found that. I have always been dismayed with the results of using a higher number on the condenser, cause it just washed out the detail. I guess I knew about the effect of narrowing the actual focus of it to razor thin slices, but had never seen the effect till this time. But that still wasn't good enough for most instances. Closing the field iris has a better effect in my opinion.

Litonotus, I have already poured all the water out of the samples, once. This left the scum on the sides and a little bit of grit on the bottom. I was going to wash them out, but realized there would be a few microbes still alive in there, so I decide to fill them back up with water and see what came of it. They re-populated themselves in a few weeks, so I may do that again soon, seeing as these had Uric crystals already. Maybe I can get 6 months from mine. :)

Do you use regular tap water, distilled or maybe rain water to refill?

Regelio, Sorry it took so long to post another video, but I eventually got to it. ;)

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