Bugs really ought to know better by now.

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Bugs really ought to know better by now.

Post by specious_reasons »

An unknown insect chose eye level on the inside of my screen door to lay its eggs. They really ought to know better.

I only took 2 eggs to start. I did a couple of things with these eggs. This is a focus-stacked photo of them, the best of my images so far.

Right now, these 2 eggs are sitting in my toy digital microscope, so I can try to time-lapse any development. The only problem I see is that I have no idea how long the incubation period is, and I'm taking a picture 1/hour. It might be a very long time lapse video of nothing.

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Post by abpho »

So cool. Can't wait to see the tennis balls hatch.

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Post by Mitch640 »

Insect eggs are so beautiful. Nice find. Is there any change yet? From other timelapse photos of insect eggs, there did not seem to be any change other than light showing the larvae movement inside, then just a hole where they came out.

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