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Post by PhilippeV »

Hallo everybody,
I am a new member and I want to introduce myself with these four pictures of a living hydra’s “mouth”. My name is PhilippeV and I am an enthusiast amateur microscopist. I hope you will enjoy these pictures taken with an Olympus BH2 in dark field mode and an Eos 350D with flash.



Charles Krebs
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Post by Charles Krebs »

Welcome aboard!
Hydra are certainly bizarre, and your darkfield shots look almost like "deep sea" shots of some strange creature that lives in the depths!

Very well done. I hope you will show us many more images.

(hmmm.... BH2, 350D, electronic flash... I like that combo :wink: )

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Post by rjlittlefield »


Welcome to the forums! :D

Your images are very well done and are also unique in my limited experience with hydras. Certainly I have never seen anything approaching these views.

I am always curious about the sizes of things. How wide is the field in these pictures?


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Post by beetleman »

I would like to extend my hand out to you also PhilippeV and welcome you to the forums. We have a great bunch of people here so make yourself at home. Your first post is Amazing. Very detailed shots of the hydras oral cavity :smt023
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Post by bernhardinho »

Welcome PhillipeV

very nice and interesting shots, I 've never seen a Hydra's mouth from that angle!!

Thank you for posting it! :D


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