SPIDERS No. 44 - More Spinneret Images

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SPIDERS No. 44 - More Spinneret Images

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Leitz Ortholux microscope
4X Leitz projection eyepiece plus 1/3x relay lens

Image No.1, 183 images at 5 micron increments, Nikon 10x Achromat

Image No.2, 243 images at 2 micron increments. Nikon 20x Achromat

Fiber Optic illumination
Canon 50D
Zerene PMax and Photoshop processing.

The spider species bearing these spinnerets is a frequent invader of my home. It has a very unattractive pale green color and is a night hunter. It definitely produces a drag line, but whether it ever produces a web is unknown. It probably does not, as the large silk spigots facing each other in the lower center of image No. 2 do not show the shape of the "triads" which produce the sticky capture thread of a web weaver.

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