Feather Like Antennae

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Walter Piorkowski
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Feather Like Antennae

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Leitz Ortholux microscope
4X Leitz projection eyepiece plus 1/3x relay lens

Image No. 1, 47 images at .0025 inch increments, Leitz 2.5x Achromat

Image No. 2, 23 images at .005 inch increments. Leitz 2.5x Achromat

Image No. 3, 49 images at .002 inch increments, Leitz 4 X Plan Fluorite Achromat.

Image No. 4, 225 images at 2.5 micron increments, Olympus 10x S plan Achromat

Diffused Fiber Optic illumination
Canon 50D
Zerene PMax and Photoshop processing.

This insect as found resting on a bed of moss where it was imaged in its natural setting. That image can be found in the Nature Photography-- Macro and Close-up image gallery under "A Bug in the Moss".
It was then brought home for these detailed examinations that Zerene did an excellent job on.
I was most intrigued by how the antennae base actually rests inside compound eye.
If you know the identity of the subject, let me know.


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Post by Cactusdave »

Lovely images, my personal favourite is the first. I know how hard it is to correctly illuminate subjects like these and also to get a good stacking result with so many tiny overlapping hairs.
Leitz Ortholux 1, Zeiss standard, Nikon Diaphot inverted, Canon photographic gear

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Very nice set! :D


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Your images are wonderful. And the compound eyes almost look like they are resting in the center of the complex faceted eyes.

Walter Piorkowski
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Thank you Dave, Rogelio and Mitch. And I agree Dave, the first is most pleasing, but the 4x objective in #3 resolves things so much better.

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beautiful :shock:

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Amazingly clear around the antenna. Very well done.

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