Videos of Plumatella and Vorticella

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Videos of Plumatella and Vorticella

Post by uaalgae »

This is my first posting of some of my more interesting videos. The two videos of Plumatella are very nice. I am really a phycologist and this was the first time to stop and actually observe the bryozoa. The first is of the general movements and feeding:
While the second is the observations of the tentacles on the lobophore:
The last video is the attachment stages of both Cothurnia and Vorticella on the zoosporangial wall of Vaucheria sessilis:
Hope everyone enjoys the videos and the music,

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Post by Pau »

Excellent, in special the last one.

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Post by Mitch640 »

A very informative video set. Especially the last one. I have wondered how long it might take a Vorticella to regrow a stalk. It doesn't take long, even in real time.

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Post by Jacek »

awesome video and very educational

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Post by Ecki »

The last video is awesome!

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Post by RogelioMoreno »

The last video is excellent!


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