"Nondescript" small gray moth wing

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Charles Krebs
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"Nondescript" small gray moth wing

Post by Charles Krebs »

Found this dead small grey moth. Overall, not colorful or terribly exciting. But in a subtle way, I found the edge of a wing quite attractive. Taken at 9X on sensor. 50 image stack.

Mitutoyo Plan Apo 10/0.28 with Olympus U-TLU tube lens. Nikon MM-11 microscope. Canon 50D. One Ikea LED light.

Craig Gerard
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Post by Craig Gerard »


Elegant order indeed!

The lower section of the image, any chance of a panorama style crop of that area?

*no need, I can scroll the page and crop it myself.

To use a classic quote from 'Antz' - "I almost know exactly what I'm doing!"

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Post by discomorphella »

Hi Charlie--

Nondescript my, er, um, yeah. You have a way of making the "nondescript" into something very descript. That's really beautiful. I will have a greater appreciation for those little gray moths now. Of course, I am still going to smash them if they try to lay eggs on my clothes...But after seeing this I will have to make sure that I don't damage their wings in the process...

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Post by Jacek »

Picture amazing, you're a master

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Post by Mitch640 »

Wow, every scale is in focus. Beautiful.

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